'A highlight in his week'

Thank you so much for taking time to choose subjects that my son loves. Your English lessons are a highlight in his week. His writing and his confidence have improved a lot!
Parent (11 year old homeschooler)

'Confidence has soared'

Although my daughter who is 15 has only had three sessions with Catherine, her confidence has soared and her understanding of fractions due to Catherine's patience of breaking it down has been a weight off her shoulders. She has given my daughter the ability to believe in herself. I am looking forward to the next few months as my daughter, for the first time in years, enjoys Maths! Highly recommended.
Parent (Yr 11 student)

'Engaged from start to finished'

Catherine's helped my children improve their maths with great results. She makes the lesson interesting and manages to keep the children engaged from start to finish; she will not set aside a topic until it is fully understood and absorbed.
Parent (Yr 9 and 10 students)

'Thank you so much'

Couldn't believe how he could add up double digits in his head over dinner. He says you're "waaay better" than his teacher at school! Thank you so much.
Parent (Yr 1 student)

'Adaptable approach'

"I have two girls aged 6 and 8 and they thoroughly enjoy their sessions with Catherine. Catherine is very professional, experienced, reliable and has a very adaptable approach which works very well with both my girls whom are both very different, each with their own challenges. I am confident they will make great progress and would recommend Catherine to anyone."
Parent (Yr 3 and 4 students)

'Works for his particular way of thinking'

This set up really suits L, he doesn’t have to worry about looking stupid in front of his peers and his focus is better. If I am honest it is better than the Maths he is getting at school because you are going back and ensuring he has the solid mathematical foundations in place in a way that works for his particular way of thinking.
Parent (Yr 6 student)

'Very confident about what they have learned'

The kids really rely on these sessions and each time they feel very confident about what they have learned.
I am very happy and I highly recommend her as a tutor.
Parent (Yr 8 and 9 students)

'Designed to address his needs'

Catherine is a reliable and efficient tutor who is doing a very good job with my son. The work is well planned and designed to address his needs. She is persistent yet friendly in her approach and I am very happy with the first few sessions she has provided. Thanks Catherine!
Parent (Yr 5 student)

'Really enjoys her sessions'

She really knows what she has to do. She has much experience and great personality. My son really enjoys her sessions.
Parent (Yr 2 student)

'Read ahead of what was expected'

I found Varjak Paw at the weekend, and H has really gotten into reading it. So much so that he's read far more than two chapters. I was loathe to stop him as well as he hasn't shown this much interest in reading for months! I hope it's ok with you that he read ahead of what was expected. He has even asked me to buy the sequel! Just letting you know in advance of class tomorrow. Great choice of book, and maybe if you know others in the same genre/theme it might be a way of getting him reading more as he isn't so into fiction usually.
Parent (8 year old homeschooler)