For both face to face tuition and online tuition, Catherine’s sessions vary and can last for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. It may be possible to have a different length of tuition, depending on the time and availability.

Catherine uses video conferencing software (usually zoom) alongside an interactive whiteboard (bitpaper). The video conferencing enables Catherine to quickly establish a rapport with her students. She also uses zoom to screen share, show videos and animations as well as providing remote control for the student to access graphing software and online games. Catherine and the student are able to write, draw, paste pictures, etc on the interactive whiteboard, complete any type of maths problem as well as play interactive games. Here is more information about online tuition.

The first session is always a paid trial session. There is no commitment to continue tuition after the first session. One of the main aims of the first session is to see whether the student and Catherine are a good fit and are able to develop a good working relationship. In the first session with a student, Catherine aims to put them at ease, listen to their worries and concerns and, by the end of the session, have the student feel like they have learnt something and feel more confidence. 

Catherine’s tuition sessions are not specifically designed for homework support. However, if your child has some difficulty with their homework, Catherine, of course, will help them out. This does not mean that she will do the homework for them, but rather, that she will look at the concepts in the homework and address those so. This may take a whole session or it could be revision of a fundamental concept that the student has forgotten. 

With younger children, Catherine recommends that a parent is around at the beginning of an online session to make sure that everything is working correctly. After this, she has found that most children learn and concentrate more effectively without the distraction of their parent. Catherine ensures that she is able to contact the parent immediately if there are any problems throughout the session. Catherine also encourages her students, when they have done something they are proud of,  to show their parents at different times during the session. 

Catherine currently charges  $132 AUD for an hour’s session.  After the first trial session, Catherine asks for payment to be upfront, charged monthly in advance.

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