Positive Maths Experiences

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The main aim of Confidence 121’s maths tuition is to build positive maths experiences for your child. All too often, children have had negative experiences of maths and developed maths anxiety and Confidence 121 can provide your child with the skills to approach maths with resilience, confidence and enjoyment.


How Confidence 121 creates Positive Maths Experiences

Calm, safe learning space

A safe learning environment helps your child to:

- relax
- feel calmer
- ask questions
- see connections between topics

Establishes relationships based on trust, respect and honesty

Establishing trust, respect and honesty helps your child to:

- ask for help
- share their worries
- talk about their difficulties

Identifies students strengths

Identifying each students' maths strengths is vital for them to:

- have self belief
- develop confidence
- improve motivation
- increase resilience

Improves mindset

Developing a growth mindset will help your child to:

- understand their learning journey
- identify improvements
- know that effort not ability is important

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